MMA in Clarksville – Learn from the best.

mma in clarksville

MMA in Clarksville

MMA Clarksville

The Leaf Chronicle gave us the entire first page of the Sunday paper.

Growth of MMA

Part of the front page of the Leaf Chronicle.

Fake vs Legit Harris Holt vs SSF MMA Clarksville

Karate gym claims to teach “MMA” but it’s just cardio class. SSF is Real Mixed Martial Arts.

The local news paper did a big spread about MMA in Clarksville and featured SSF as the only LEGIT Mixed Martial Arts gym in town. ┬áThe only other thing they could find was a karate gym that does “cardio MMA”?!?!? ┬áLearn Mixed Martial Arts from the best in the area, SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville TN.